Syracuse University alumni post after walking the SU campus Monday Mile route Monday, November 9th was the conclusion of another successful Walktober and the Healthy Monday team celebrated with an awards ceremony and luncheon.  Walktober 2015 was sponsored in partnership with Healthy Monday Syracuse, the Syracuse University Wellness Initiative and SU Department of Recreation Services.

We are thrilled to see how Walktober has grown; there were nearly 650 active participants who committed to logging their physical activity for the entire month of October.  Participants from Syracuse University, SUNY Upstate, SUNY ESF and the VA Hospital walked their way to better health, covering 63,953 miles in 31 days.  That is the same distance as circling the globe 2.5 times!

SUNY Upstate Killer Hill Gang walkers on the SUNY Upstate campus walking a Monday Mile. Walktober bumper sticker being held in front of a scene of the SU Shaw Quadrangle SUNY Upstate's winning Walktober team posing with prizes.


This year, keeping track of physical activity in Walktober was even easier with an online platform and mobile app.  Participants could log their steps or minutes of activity anytime it was convenient.  We also had great team participation with 56 registered teams.  Walking together with a team is a great way to stay motivated and accountable.  Each week during Walktober, Healthy Monday sponsored a weekly Monday Mile walk and with no shortage of sunny days, this was a perfect opportunity to enjoy the fall!

Participants told us what they enjoyed most about Walktober was becoming more aware of how much they moved during the day and challenging themselves to move more.  Participants also liked getting active and encouraging the members of their team.  Some even said they appreciated their lunch breaks more because they could return to the office refreshed and refocused after a mid-day walk.

The Walktober luncheon on Monday recognized some of our most outstanding participants and teams.  Not only did these folks get achieve all the great benefits of more physical activity, they came away with some good prizes too, like Walktober t-shirts, SU Bookstore cards, fit bits and sports bottles.

Congrats to our Walktober all-stars and a very big thank you to everyone who helped us make this program a success.  We can’t wait for Walktober 2016!

Small Team winners (teams of 2-4)

  • 3rd place: SUNY Bunnies (Nancy Leotta and Carol Miller)
  • 2nd place: Salix Babylonica (Orena Wong and Lilian Zemba)
  • 1st place: Stroll (Phil Skummer and Kelly Carolan)

Large Team winners (teams of 5-20)

  • 3rd place: Hoople Hikers (SU): team members Shana Lewis, Kristine O’Brien, Rachael Zubal-Ruggieri, Maria Gill, Laura Glover, Kate Smith
  • 2nd place: Exer-Eyes (VA Hospital): team members Pamela German, Paulette Plaza-Giocondo, Susan Alguire, Lynnsey Farrington, Joann Haney, Anthony Reale, Katie McCormick, Chris Galin
  • 1st place: Crazy Walkers (SUNY Upstate): team members: Emily Pellizzeri, Lori Christian, Teri Jones, Elizabeth Venuti, Corinne Spartano, Laurie Presutto, Jennifer Stanley, Sonja Stephens, Jean Moehringer, Ofelia Bell, Katie Joa, Karen Hodge, Dann Mather, Chuck Pedder

Individual winners:


  • 3rd place: SUNY Upstate student Fatoumata Jobe (731,500 steps)
  • 2nd place: SUNY ESF student Orena Wong (849,720 steps)
  • 1st place: SUNY Upstate student Kelly Carolan (1,444,787 steps)


  • 3rd place: VA Hospital employee Anthony Reale (933,903 steps)
  • 2nd place: Syracuse University employee Linda Janson (1,021,298 steps)
  • 1st place: friend of SUNY Upstate employee Ronald Grace (1.074.385 steps)

Other prizes awarded:

  • Most improved: Fatoumata Jobe who improved her steps 288% from the first to final week
  • Most enthusiastic: Syracuse University employee Melissa Chirico-Brown
  • Hashtag contest winner: SUNY Upstate employee Suzanne Brisk