Kitchen Table Talk in the Near West Side of SyracuseIn the spring of 2015, the Lerner Center , in collaboration with the Near Westside Initiative and other community partners, led a series of community meetings to better understand the community’s perspectives on health. These meetings took place during the months of February to May 2015, and included neighborhood residents as well as staff of organizations working in the community (“colleagues”).

What emerged from speaking with close to 100 residents and 19 community colleagues was the Take Back the Streets Campaign–an effort to address overwhelming feedback on community safety and cohesion. Four key goals and strategies emerged: creative placemaking, community policing, community organization, and peacemaking. Since then, multiple initiatives, including 50 family friendly events in 50 weeks, have been organized to address resident and colleague feedback. For a recent summary of the work to date, download the latest infographic: Take Back the Streets Infographic 2016

Take Back the Streets infographic