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Walk a Monday Mile to Start Your Healthy Monday

What is the Monday Mile?

The Monday Mile is one-mile route mapped out as a way to increase physical activity and connection with others. Our Monday Mile locations are marked with signs that contain maps, directional arrows, and distance markers so all you have to do is follow the signs. How easy is that?  We strive to make the Monday Mile inclusive and accessible for everyone.  Learn more about accessibility and the Monday Mile.

Where Can I Walk a Monday Mile?

There are Monday Miles all over Central New York. Take a tour of the area with our Onondaga County Monday Miles and Madison County Monday Miles. If you’re not from the area, don’t worry! You don’t need a physical route to walk your Mile. Here’s a tip: It take the average person 20 minutes to walk one mile. Start your watches and get moving – no matter where you are!

The Monday Mile has gone global!

Monday Mile sign in Nicaragua


Our first international loop is located at the AMOS Health & Hope campus in Managua, Nicaragua!


QR Codes:

DeRuyter Town Monday Mile QRCodeThe next time you visit a Monday Mile, check and see if there’s a QR Code sign. These little green signs (pictured right) will help us track which Monday Miles you use most often. Your participation is important to us – that’s why we want to improve our future Monday Mile routes! Before you start walking, check in by following these easy steps:

1. Open your phone camera.
2. Hold your phone steady for 2-3 seconds toward the QR code (Note: do not take a photo of the code).
3. Click on the notification (at the top of your screen) to open the link from the QR code.
4. Choose the Monday Mile you’re walking
5. Click the arrow at the bottom of the screen

Monday Mile with a Mission:

During April 2019, we teamed up with several student organizations to create Monday Miles with a Mission and support campus. Monday Miles with a Mission add a spin on the typical Monday Mile by evoking a sense of purpose and pride among the participants. Students chose to come together to represent their organization, spread awareness for their cause, meet new people, and connect with each other, all while walking for their health! Check out a few of our Monday Miles with a Mission below. If you’re interested in leading a themed Monday Mile, or have your own Mission you’d like to share, contact Program Coordinator Mary Kate Lee: Check out our undergraduate involvement page for more programs and activities.

Students, Faculty, and Staff:
Join us for Monday Miles with a Mission throughout the semester. Meet outside of the Barnes Center at the Arch at noon. We will briefly talk about varying health topics of interest, then walk a mile around campus.

The Remembrance Scholars
Celebrating Orange Pride with Otto!







Walk with a Doc:

Together with the Madison County Rural Health Council we have launched the Walk with a Doc program in Madison County. Walk with a Doc was established in Columbus Ohio, where Dr. David Sabgir was frustrated with the lack of lifestyle change he saw in his patients. He invited them to join him for a walk on a Saturday morning, and to his surprise over 100 people showed. He coined these walks “Walk with a Doc.” Now, this program is nation-wide: a local provider gives information on a health topic and then leads a walk in the community. We’ve had several successful Walk with a Docs on our Monday Miles in Madison County. This program has been a fun and effective way to increase awareness about the Monday Mile, foster socialization among Madison County residents, and connect residents with healthcare providers. These events are kid and dog friendly – there are plenty of handouts and prizes for all!

Stay tuned for our Spring schedule!

The first Walk with a Doc in DeRuyter, NY
Dr. Puc gives tips on avoiding ticks during Chittenango, NY Walk with a Doc