Lerner Center Kicks Off National Public Health Week with the Disease of Busyness

April 1 was the kickoff to National Public Health Week and we celebrated by hosting a luncheon to discuss the Disease of Busyness. Around 80 people came together to hear guest speaker Jaime Weisberg, of Northbound Coaching and Consulting, lead a powerful talk on how our busy state of minds affect our relationships, productivity, and overall health. We explored ways to battle the Disease of Busyness throughout our day and discussed stress management skills to utilize.

Lerner Chair, Shannon Monnat, wins Prestigious Award from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Shannon Monnat, Lerner Chair for Public Health Promotion and Associate Professor of Sociology, was recently presented with a Thought Leadership Award from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Connections Program ( This award is intended to recognize a scholar who has made outstanding accomplishments in research outreach and communications. Dr. Monnat was recognized for her substantial activities in translating research to public and policy audiences, including through public research briefs, op-eds, media communications, public presentations, and congressional briefings.