Mental Health

Suicide Rates Have Soared among Middle-Aged White Women in the U.S.
Julene Kemp Cooney
March 2019

Dog Ownership and Training Reduces Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms and Increases Self-Compassion Among Veterans: Results of a Longitudinal Control Study
Dessa Bergen-Cico, Yvonne Smith, Karen Wolford, Collin Gooley, Kathleen Hannon, Ryan Woodruff, Melissa Spicer, and Brooks Gump
Fall 2018

Large-Scale Mapping of Cortical Alterations in 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome: Convergence with Idiopathic Psychosis and Effects of Deletion Size
Daqiang Sun, Christopher R. K. Ching, […], and Carrie E. Bearden
June 2018

Mindfulness as a Mediating Factor between Empathy and Burnout in People of Caring Professions
Simon Surguladze, George Chikovani, Tamar Revazishvili, Nata Dzadzamia, Tatia Razmadze, Nino Iashvili, and Dessa K Bergen-Cico
Spring 2018

Young Adult Outcomes for Children With 22q11 Deletion Syndrome and Comorbid ADHD
Lea E. Taylor, Wendy R. Kates, Wanda Fremont, and Kevin M. Antshel
January 2018

Inattention and Hyperactivity-Impulsivity: Their Detrimental Effect on Romantic Relationship Maintenance
Laura E. VanderDrift, Kevin M. Antshel, and Amy K. Olszewski
May 2017

Impact of misclassification error in the estimation of maternal major depression disorder prevalence in home visitation programs
Arthur Owora and Hélène Carabin
December 2017

Examining the processes of change associated with Mindfulness-based meditation and reductions in trait anxiety
Dessa Bergen-Cico and Ambika Krishna Kumar
Winter 2017

Do Personality Traits Predict Functional Impairment and Quality of Life in Adult ADHD? A Controlled Study
J. Allison HeKevin M. AntshelJoseph Biederman, and Stephen V. Faraone
November 2015

Depression, relational ethics, and relationship satisfaction in couples in therapy
Rashmi Gangamma, Suzanne Bartle‐Haring, Eugene Holowacz, Erica E. Hartwell, and Tatiana Glebova
Summer 2015

Treatments for Adolescents With Comorbid ADHD and Substance Use Disorder: A Systematic Review
Michelle J. Zaso, Aesoon Park, and Kevin M. Antshel
February 2015

Veteran Status and Men’s Later-Life Cognitive Trajectories: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study
Maria Brown, Janet Wilmoth, and Andrew London
Summer 2014

Rediscovering Internal Strengths of the Aged: The Beneficial Impact of Wisdom, Mastery, Purpose in Life,and Spirituality on Aging Well
Monika Ardelt, Scott Landes, Kathryn Gerlach, and Leah Fox
Summer 2013

Social Relationships and Health: A Flashpoint for Health Policy
Debra Umberson and Jennifer Karas Montez
Summer 2010

Impact of Gardening on Refugee Mental Health, Community Building, and Economic Well-being in Central New York
Rashmi Gangamma, Laura-Anne Minkoff-Zern, and Bhavneet Walia