Statement on Systemic Racism and Racialized Violence

As a center that aims to improve population health and promote health equity, the Lerner Center is deeply saddened and horrified at the continued preventable loss of black lives. The recent police murder of George Floyd is the latest manifestation of a long history of systemic racism and violence against black people in the U.S. Racism is an ongoing threat to population health, and it is not possible to achieve health equity without addressing racial injustices and their structural roots. Racism kills both directly and indirectly and is embedded in every U.S. institution. As both scholars and concerned citizens, it is our responsibility to speak out against racism and injustice in all forms. Recognizing that words are not enough, the Lerner Center is also committed to conducting, supporting, and disseminating the findings from research on the causes and consequences of racial health inequities and advocating for solutions to eliminate these inequities. We stand in solidarity with those opposing racism and racialized violence, and we will continue to work toward promoting a healthier and more just society.

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