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To improve population and community health through research, outreach, and education focused on the social, spatial, and structural determinants of physical, mental, and behavioral health.


The Center is guided by the principles of community engagement, partnerships and collaboration, aligned goals, and sustainability.

Community Engagement: The Lerner Center embodies The Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs’ spirit of active, engaged and respectful citizenship. The Center provides the foundation for respectful community engagement at multiple levels, facilitating dialogue with a wide range of citizens to improve understanding of health concerns, priorities, and strategies.

Partnerships & Collaboration: The intersection of community and health is complex, requiring a range of disciplines including private and public partners to build and sustain and environment that values and promotes health for all residents.

Aligned Goals:  The Center works in partnership with citizens, students, researchers and public health professionals to identify needs, develop programming and deploy collaborative initiatives.

Sustainability: The Maxwell School provides a rich framework for the Lerner Center to address some of society’s most pressing issues while simultaneously encouraging civic-minded discourse and creation of wide ranging policies, such as economic and educational policies, that can improve population health.


Community Engagement:

  • The Center will manage vibrant health promotion programming at Syracuse University and in the community that addresses chronic disease prevention and social determinants of health.
  • The Center will support local public health institutions’ and systems’ plans to improve community health.
  • The Center will collaborate with University and community partners to conduct and disseminate research on health issues relevant to the local community.
  • The Center will formally disseminate population health research findings to scholars, the public, community organizations, policymakers and stakeholders.

Student Experience:

  • The Center will create a distinctive student experience that combines training in applied population health research and community engagement to help build knowledge, expertise, and commitment to improving population health.
  • The Center will partner with academic units to integrate population health theories, principles, research and application into student learning experiences.

Multidisciplinary Discovery:athenian oath maxwell

  • The Center will create opportunities for collaborating on population health research, external funding and student training by building upon and nurturing synergies among health scholars and allied centers and institutes at Syracuse University and neighboring institutions with diverse expertise in population health.
  • The Center will facilitate multidisciplinary applied population health research and dissemination.