Lerner Fellow Mariah Brennan was selected for prestigious position in RAND’s 2021 Graduate Student Summer Associate Program

Mariah Brennan, Lerner Graduate Fellow and Social Sciences PhD student, was selected for a very competitive and prestigious position in RAND’s 2021 Graduate Student Summer Associate Program. Brennan will work with researchers at RAND this summer on projects related to veterans’ health and health care. Brennan says, “I look forward to conducting research this summer at RAND. This project is so important because it will highlight the employment accommodation needs of veterans with service connected disabilities.”

New Research from Affiliates London & Landes finds that the gender gap in the prevalence of ADHD among adults decreased by 31.1% from 2007 to 2012

Lerner research affiliates Andrew London and Scott Landes publish new research which documents inter- and intra-cohort changes in adult ADHD and examine whether changes vary by gender. They found that the prevalence of ADHD among adults aged 18 to 64 years increased from 3.41% in 2007 to 4.25% in 2012 due to increased prevalence among adult women of all ages. Read the article here.

Monnat interviewed by Institute for New Economic Thinking on the Epidemic of Despair

Shannon Monnat shares her insights on the increased deaths of despair, like overdoses, during the COVID-19 pandemic in this article. Deaths of despair are affecting more distressed and vulnerable populations. Monnat has been studying drug overdoses for years and has seen that communities with more economic stability, a strong social safety net, and better quality…

Lerner Affiliate Andrew London publishes new research on same-sex marriage and the risk of divorce

Andrew London and Aaron Hoy’s new research examines whether same-sex sexuality – desire/attraction, behavior, and gay, lesbian, or bisexual identity – increases the likelihood of divorce from an different-sex spouse. They found that same-sex sexuality puts a brake on divorce by preventing some different-sex marriages that would ultimately end in divorce, but is associated with…

Lerner Affiliate Andrew London publishes new paper: Every now and then I get flagged for a pap smear: Gender transition, embodiment, and “sex-specific” cancer screenings

London and colleagues publish new research on how transgender embodiment shapes perceived needs for access to and experiences of “sex-specific” cancer screenings (e.g. breast and prostate exams, Pap, smears) in the North American healthcare system. They found that in relation to “sex-specific” cancer screenings, transgender individuals experience discrimination, do emotion work, and actively manage situations…

Landes & London Publish Article on Self-Reported ADHD and Adult Health in the United States

Lerner Affiliates Scott Landes and Andrew London published an article titled Self-Reported ADHD and Adult Health in the United States. Their research was informed by a social determinants of health framework and they investigated the relationship between self-reported ADHD diagnosis status and adult health, and whether observed associations are attenuated by biomedical and socioeconomic factors.…

Van Slyke’s brief on homelessness mentioned in Business Insider

Ashley Van Slyke, undergraduate research assistant, wrote a brief titled Homelessness during COVID-19: Understanding and Preventing Risk of Virus Spread in this Vulnerable Population. Her brief was mentioned in this Business Insider article about the growing issue that women and cannot afford feminine care products.

Monnat quoted in Associated Press about the surge in US deaths

US deaths in 2020 reached 3 million, which is the largest number of deaths the country has ever seen. While COVID19 has played a large part in the death toll, Lerner Chair Shannon Monnat also speaks to the increase in drug overdoses. She says, “I don’t suspect there are a bunch of new people who…