Community Partners

Fitness Inclusion Network 

We have worked with the Fitness Inclusion Network to conduct accessibility assessments of the Monday Mile routes. Together we are committed to expanding inclusive fitness opportunities for all members of our community.


HealtheConnections supports the use of health information exchange and community health data to improve population health and lower health care costs. HealtheConnections serves as a resource for data collection and analyzation in many community projects. We work together to support community projects by providing resources for data collection and program evaluation.

Madison County Rural Health Council

The Lerner Center partners with the MCRHC on the Monday Mile initiative with walking trails throughout the county. This initiative supports efforts to reduce rates of childhood obesity and adult diabetes. We have established 12 Monday Miles in Madison County and have featured the Walk with a Doc program to engage the community in the Monday Mile and increasing physical activity.

The Monday Campaigns

The Monday Campaigns is the home base for the Healthy Monday initiative. They are a non-profit pubic health initiative and create the weekly Healthy Monday tips that encourage healthy and sustainable lifestyle behaviors.

Syracuse City School District

Lerner, the City School District, and TCI are currently collaborating on an observational study to examine smoking on city school grounds. Visit our Current Projects page to learn more about this study.

Syracuse City Parks Department

Former Mayor Stephanie Miner and Former County Executive Joanie Mahoney issued a joint proclamation naming September 10th Move-it Monday Day. Since then, we’ve teamed up with the City Parks Department to create 18 Monday Miles in the City of Syracuse and in surrounding areas.

Transforming Community Initiative (TCI)

Lerner and TCI have worked together on multi-layered community projects in hope to improve the health of local residents. These projects, under the TCI Syracuse Grant, cover a variety of health issues including smoking, breast feeding, safe routes to school, healthy eating, and more. TCI is also a facilitator of the Syracuse City School District observational study.

Upstate Golisano’s Children Hospital

Lerner and Golisano’s Children Hospital, with other community stakeholders, are striving to make children’s mental health resources more accessible in our community. Together, our goal is the bridge the gap between child mental health care and those who do not have access to it.

Upstate Medical University: Pathway to Wellness

The Pathway to Wellness department at Upstate has partnered with us to promote healthy behaviors through the Healthy Monday campaign. Together, we support the campus’ employees, students, and volunteers by offering programs and resources on stress management, posture, physical activity, and smoking. They also have frequent Monday Milers!