The Lerner Center is a proud partner of the Transforming Communities Initiative, funded by Trinity Health.

TCI Syracuse, originally the Syracuse Health Coalition, was formed after Trinity Health announced their Transforming Communities Initiative. To tackle significant health challenges and the social determinants that cannot be addressed by healthcare providers alone, St. Joseph’s Health convened a group of key organizations aimed at providing policy, systematic, and environmental changes to promote health behaviors. A set of strategic partners with a similar commitment expressed in shared mission and vision toward the betterment of Syracuse, project partners have jointly participated on a variety of community programs, community revitalization efforts and numerous grant projects. Relationships are well-established and effective with many of the same key organizations coming together on projects benefiting city residents. Currently, TCI Syracuse is comprised of St. Joseph’s Health, CenterState CEO/Northside Urban Partnership, HealtheConnections, Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion, Onondaga County Health Department, Near Westside Initiative, and the Tobacco Action Coalition of Onondaga County.

Lerner and TCI have worked together on multi-layered community projects in hope to improve the health of local residents. These projects, under the TCI Syracuse Grant, covered a variety of health issues including smoking, breast feeding, safe routes to school, healthy eating, and more. TCI was also a facilitator of the Syracuse City School District observational study.