Accessibility is a key component to developing a successful Monday Mile. When developing new routes we ensure they are accessible to people of all abilities. Many of our routes are flat, but there are some hilly loops if you’re up for the challenge. If you have a concern about a route or think we could do better to make it accessible to everyone in our community, please email us and let us know!

What is Accessibility?

Accessibility of recreation spaces means that the parking lot, facilities, and recreation area are accessible for people of any and all abilities. Accessible recreation spaces mean that the space is inclusive.

Inclusive Recreation Spaces

While most of our Monday Miles are physically inclusive, the idea of inclusion extends beyond that. Inclusion means:

  • having the necessary support so every person can benefit from the space.
  • being accepted, respected, and appreciated for who you are.
  • having a sense of belonging physically and socially.
  • all parties have the same recreation opportunities.
  • facilities are easy to use by everyone.

To create your own inclusive Monday Miles, check out these resources: Monday Mile Toolkit [PDF], How to Create an Inclusive Walking Club [PDF].

Why are Inclusive Recreation Spaces Important?

Accessible and inclusive recreation areas offer a lot of benefits to a community, such as:

  • promoting diversity and positive and accepting attitudes
  • improving quality of life for everyone
  • bolstering socialization and strengthens the social fabric of a community

You can find our Monday Miles, and many other inclusive recreation areas, on the SUNY Cortland Inclusive Recreation Resource Center website.