Undergraduate Opportunities

Monday Miles with a Mission: 
Monday Mile with a Mission with the Remembrance Scholars

We’ve teamed up with student organizations to celebrate their cause and spread awareness of their mission. Monday Miles with a Mission could be a chance to have your members get to know one another, tour campus, and walk for their health. Do you want to share your organization’s mission throughout campus? Email Mary Kate Lee  to get started.

DeStress for Success Workshop Series:

We’re excited to bring you a series of DeStress for Success workshops based in the science of Positive Psychology. Under the DeStress Monday campaign, DeStress for Success will help students gain skills to increase resilience, manage and cope with stress, cultivate mindfulness, strengthen communication skills, and form healthy habits, through introspection, positive psychology based practices, and DeStress Monday tips. Students will be given resources to create sustainable habits that support their mental and emotional wellbeing. During each workshop we will dive into an aspect of positive psychology, including: positive emotions, mindfulness and flow states, communication and conflict resolution, and using your strengths. Each session will start with an interactive talk on the topic, followed by a break-out activity (either alone, with partners, or as a large group), with time for questions and personal reflection at the end.

Visit our DeStress Monday page for details on DeStress for Success. 

Falk College Course HTW 221: Community Health Promotion:

HTW 221 is featuring the Healthy Monday campaign. Students will use the Monday effect and Healthy Monday promotional materials as a framework to develop public health promotion projects. The Healthy Monday campaign will be used as a model for students to refer to throughout the semester so they can gain a deeper understanding of how to create and implement effective community health programs. The Lerner Center staff will guest lecture throughout the semester. Topics include: an overview of the Center and Healthy Monday campaign, disability and health, and challenges for health programming in urban and rural settings.

Are you a HTW 221 student? You can attend any of our Healthy Monday programs for service learning hours!