Join the Healthy Monday Race Across the US

Have your New Year’s resolutions gone stagnant? Turn them into Monday resolutions and foster a sustainable approach to wellbeing with the Healthy Monday Race Across the U.S., starting May 17! We’ve teamed up with DIEMlife to create a comprehensive Healthy Monday wellbeing program. No matter your health goals –moving more, managing stress, eating unprocessed foods, or increasing social connection – we’ve got you covered!

The Healthy Monday Race Across the U.S. is a 12-week challenge on the DIEMlife mobile app and website to spark some friendly competition while creating and continuing health habits related to movement, healthy eating, stress management, and improving social connections. The goal is to get you and your team from Syracuse, NY to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA by logging your activities. Besides feeling good, you can win prizes along the way!

Image by Ava Helmer

Gather friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors and create your team today! The Healthy Monday Race Across the U.S. begins Monday, May 17, 2021 and will run through Sunday, August 8, 2021. Visit Healthy Monday Race Across the U.S. to learn more and sign up!  

This Healthy Monday program uses the Healthy Monday refresh and provides a comprehensive approach to improving health and wellbeing. The program highlights Move it Monday, Meatless Monday, and DeStress Monday tips to support you on your 12-week journey.

How the Healthy Monday Race Across the U.S. Can Help Improve Your Wellbeing

Habits rely on a ‘cue’ for you to engage in a specific behavior. Typical cues include a certain time of day or day of the week. Using Monday as a cue to engage in a healthy behavior is an evidence-based way to create sustainable habits.

Monday helps people sustain healthy behaviors

The Healthy Monday Race Across the U.S. is designed with the Monday cue in mind. By joining the DIEMlife community and this Quest®, you are able to break down your health-related goals in an approachable way. The Quest provides a welcoming platform for you to join or create a team, log your healthy activities, and track your progress, all while bettering your health. The best part? Not only will you generate momentum and begin to feel better, but you’ll have chances to win prizes throughout the race. The Healthy Monday Race Across the U.S. features weekly Healthy Monday tips as inspiration to move more, eat well, manage stress, and connect with others.

We Support Organizations in Achieving Healthy People 2030 Objectives

Not only does the Healthy Monday Race support individuals in attaining healthy lifestyles, but it serves as a framework for organizations to revitalize employee health through the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Healthy People 2030 initiative. Healthy People identifies public health priorities to help individuals, organizations, and communities across the U.S. improve health and well-being. With over 300 Healthy People 2030 objectives to choose from, the Healthy Monday Race provides simple action steps organizations can take to achieve their company’s Healthy People 2030 objectives.

What is DIEMlife?

DIEMlife is a free online platform and mobile app that allows you to set and track goals, or “Quests.” When you use DIEMlife, you can create your own Quest, join group Quests, and connect with a community ready to support your progress!

Read up on our partnership with DIEMlife and our mission to create healthy communities!

How to I join DIEMlife?

To join DIEMlife follow the steps below:

Sign Up on the Website:

  1. Create your free DIEMlife account here.
  2. Verify your account with the PIN sent to your email address.
  3. Create your free account.

Sign Up via the Mobile App:

  1. Grab the mobile app from the iOS (Apple) app store or Android play store.
  2. Download the DIEMlife app.
  3. Create your free account.

Join the Healthy Monday Race Across the US:

  1. Create your DIEMlife account using the steps above.
  2. On mobile: Click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the screen. On web: Click on the three lines in top right corner of the screen.
  3. Search “Healthy Monday Race Across the US.”
  4. Click the yellow button that reads “Register.”
  5. Create a team or join an existing team. NOTE: You must create a team on the website. If you do not want to start your own team and do not see a team that suits you, simply join the “General Healthy Monday Team 2.”
  6. Follow the directions in the Quest (and have fun!)

Questions? Email Assistant Director Mary Kate Schutt.