Lerner Center Senior Research Associate Jennifer Karas Montez Featured in Scientific American Article

Lerner Center Senior Research Associate Jennifer Karas Montez was recently featured in the Scientific American article “People in Republican Counties Have Higher Death Rates Than Those in Democratic Counties”.

“The study’s longitudinal approach and county-by-county analysis replicate and extend a clear pattern, says Jennifer Karas Montez, a sociologist and demographer at Syracuse University, who was not involved in the research. “It joins an already existing, pretty robust literature showing that politics [and] polarization do have life-and-death consequences,” Montez says.” 

Read the full article here.

Lerner Center’s Yue Sun, Kent Jason G. Cheng, and Shannon Monnat Publish New Study in Journal of Rural Social Sciences.

Since late 2020, COVID-19 mortality rates have been higher in rural than urban America, but there has also been substantial within-rural heterogeneity. Using CDC data, Sun, Cheng, and Monnat compare COVID-19 mortality rates across the rural-urban continuum and within rural counties across different types of labor markets and by metropolitan adjacency.

Read the full article by Yue Sun, Kent Jason Cheng, and Shannon Monnat here.

Lerner Faculty Affiliate Jennifer Karas Montez Publishes New Study

Lerner Faculty Affiliate Jennifer Karas Montez and co-authors publish a new study examining the relationship between how the education-sleep association varies across U.S. states. Findings from the study document variation across states in the education-sleep association and suggest that those with lower levels of education may be most vulnerable to state characteristics. 

Read the full study here: