Population Health Research Brief Series

Shannon Monnat quoted in AP News article on increase in drug overdose trends

AP News reports there has been a 29% increase in overdose deaths from last year- a record high at 93,000 deaths. “What’s really driving the surge in overdoses is this increasingly poisoned drug supply,” said Shannon Monnat. “Nearly all of this increase is fentanyl contamination in some way. Heroin is contaminated. Cocaine is contaminated. Methamphetamine is contaminated.”

Read the entire article here: https://apnews.com/article/overdose-deaths-record-covid-pandemic-fd43b5d91a81179def5ac596253b0304

Austin Brown introduces the Six Stage Model for Identity Transformation Through Substance Use Disorder Recovery in a new article

Lerner Graduate Research Affiliate Austin McNeil Brown

In a new paper, Lerner Fellow Austin Brown used grounded theory methodology to reveal common benchmarks, or topographic recovery features, involving the evolution of identity as an inter-negotiated process throughout the addiction and recovery biographies (Charmaz, 2008; Glaser & Strauss, 2017). From this, a six-stage theory model of recovery identity is formulated and explored. This model may help to serve recovery program managers to classify incoming individuals, identify and address needs, and facilitate innovative programming to meet such needs as they relate to the identity transformation process.

Monnat wins the 2021 Fred Buttel Outstanding Scholarly Achievement Award for new research

Associate Professor Shannon Monnat

Shannon Monnat coauthored a paper, “The Opioid Hydra: Understanding Overdose Mortality Epidemics and Syndemics Across the Rural-Urban Continuum” (published in Rural Sociology), that won the 2021 Fred Buttel Outstanding Scholarly Achievement Award from the Rural Sociological Society. This award recognizes outstanding scholarship in the form of a book or article that advances the field of rural sociological knowledge. Congratulations to Shannon!

Xiaoyan Zhang publishes research on intergenerational emotional cohesion and loneliness

Lerner Fellow Xiaoyan (Amanda) Zhang

Lerner Fellow Xiaoyan Zhang publishes new research in the Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences. They found that Intergenerational Emotional Cohesion (IEC) was negatively related to loneliness, which in turn was associated with depressive symptoms and life satisfaction. Further, this indirect pathway linking IEC and depressive symptoms (but not life satisfaction) was positively conditioned on the size of friendship ties.