Population Health Research Brief Series

Monnat talks to Vice about Amazon Tracking Opioid Use in US

Lerner Chair Shannon Monnat is quoted in this Vice article about Amazon tracking opioid usage throughout the country as a way to strategize their expansion. Monnat shares, “This is news to me, and it’s disturbing. I asked around to other drug experts I know, and none of them knew this was happening. I am a bit shocked but shouldn’t be. Corporations increasingly have access to a litany of data and know more about us than anyone else.”

Monnat quoted in CNN article about issues with 2020 Census

There have been a number of challenges with collecting census data this year, including tech issues, a shortened deadline, and the coronavirus. Lerner Chair Shannon Monnat speaks to the importance of good quality census data in this CNN article. She says, “The Census is the most important data in our country. Census data matter more than any other data that are collected by anyone in the US. A 2020 Census failure is a failure for the whole country.”